NIC Global

Manufacturing Solutions


While it’s compelling to seek cost reductions with offshore production, it’s just as important to look at the true landed cost of products. We know that on-time delivery, exceptional quality control, and knowledgeable project management all protect your company’s bottom line.

Long-term partners

NIC Global offers a single point-of-contact for sophisticated product manufacturing in Asia. For over a decade we have honed our relationships with select overseas manufacturers that parallel our customer-centric focus.

Before we could produce products, we needed to build trust. Today we actively work with almost 15 factories that meet our high quality and timely delivery standards.

On the ground in Asia

Our commitment to Asia is demonstrated by our rep office in Shenzhen, China, and two team members working hands-on with manufacturers. Stanley Ho, a Hong Kong resident, and Lillin Zhang, from Central China, travel extensively to manage NIC projects.

For the uninitiated, the barriers of culture and language in Asia can cause miscommunications and mix-ups. Our team members in Asia are key to creating synergy between North American requests and Eastern business practices.

One-stop shopping

Your state-side project team orchestrates prototypes, forecasting, supply chain staging, inventory management and logistics. With one NIC contact for all your manufacturing needs, you can get total consistency for your US, Asian and hybrid production runs.

Asian products

  • Castings
  • Sheet metal
  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Wire harnesses
  • Complex assemblies
  • Plastic sourcing