NIC Global

Manufacturing Solutions


Our priority is to meet your continually evolving goal of getting products to market quickly and cost-efficiently. A proven partner for industry leaders, we deliver confidence and value with a global approach and commitment to innovation.

The NIC advantage

We build more than high quality products, on time and on budget. Every step of our process is designed to align with your business interests. Open communication, integrity and consistency characterize our business style. Whether launching a new product line or preparing for a quick-turn modification, our teams proactively deliver the highest level of customer support.

Our industry focus allows us to excel in knowledge and expertise. We work exclusively with medium- to high-volume customers with all levels of complex products.

Building your ideas

  • Industrial design
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • DFM
  • Quality assurance
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Customized delivery