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NIC Adds New Resources, Streamlines Old

November, 2009

Powder Booth

NIC Global’s Woodinville facility has installed a new powder coat booth. The additional unit complements NIC’s current wet paint line and booth as well as the chemical treatment and prep tanks. “This gives us the flexibility to keep powder work in-house, thus shortening the lead time and number of transactions,” says Production Manager Glen Mitchell.


Color matching is tricky business when left to the human eye. To more accurately match colors for plastics and paints, NIC has invested in a spectrograph. The device allows NIC Global to ensure that samples meet customers’ requirements. The spectrograph will be especially useful for products sourced overseas, preventing costly product recall.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

NIC Gallatin promotes waste reduction through their new pallet recycling program. Ever wonder what happens to all those wooden pallets once their product has been unloaded? Well, NIC Gallatin has changed old pallets from being landfill-bound to recycle-bound with their new program of stacking and sorting common pallets for pick-up and reuse. What a clever way to save a tree!

Computer Solutions

Electronic instructions help simplify multi-function work stations. NIC has implemented PC-based visual instructions to manage variations in product assembly and kitting for common work stations. In Gallatin’s light assembly area, a quick scan of the bar code labels, work orders, and the assembly jig let the operator know that he or she has the correct setup. In Woodinville, a kit drawing shows the parts and assembly sequence, helping operators pull and package loose kits. “This new system has really helped me feel confident that I am doing things correctly,” says line-assembler Lydia.