Quality Is A Continuous Process

Our focus on quality drives every phase of production

To begin, we work with our suppliers to ensure they understand our criteria. If tooling is needed, we control the construction of tooling. Pre-production, we test parts and perform First Article Inspections.

During production, we inspect and verify samples from every lot. We design our shipping process to guarantee everything arrives undamaged. Just as importantly, we know that hiring and safety affect quality.

Our manufacturing solutions are tailored to meet your needs today and in the future:

Component Production • Mechanical Assembly • Turn-Key Production • Manufacturing Partner

Masterminding Every Product

Our experts use a team approach to proactively identify all the manufacturing issues of a new or revised product.

From rigorous process controls and meticulous floor planning to barcode tracking and QA testing, they seek the smartest way to get exactly what our customers want.

With an eager can-do attitude, the NIC team thrives on challenges.

Manufacturing Technology

NIC Awards

Over the years our customers have showered us with accolades:
PACCAR: Quality Achievement Supplier, three years in a row
Medronics: Outstanding Quality Supplier of the Year
Philips: Top Consistent Quality Supplier of the Year


UL, CSA, WA-ISO-9001, TN IATF 16949, OH IATF 16949, RoHS compliant

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