NIC Global

Manufacturing Solutions


Whether you need a simple sheet metal part or a turn-key solution, we’re ready to deliver. We have the experience and engineering depth to manufacture to your exacting standards.

We build smart

Our approach is simple. We chose the best integrated solution for manufacturing your products so you can focus on meeting your business goals.

Our manufacturing solutions are tailored to meet your needs today and in the future:

  • Component Production
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Turn-key Production
  • Manufacturing Partner

Getting started

To understand the best way to produce your product, we start by asking questions. Do you have an idea? Prototype? What is the intended use? Price point? Market range? Product life? Warranty promise? Our initial task is to deliver a complete and competitive price that recognizes your time-to-market needs and cost targets.

Advanced manufacturing

Fabricating quality parts is only the first step. Our capabilities include:

  • Parts verification
  • Finishing
  • Assembly
  • Serialization
  • Silkscreening
  • Testing
  • Labelling
  • Packaging
  • Lot tracking
  • Custom delivery

Our basic building blocks

  • Precision sheet metal fabrication
  • Injection molded plastic
  • Die cast aluminum
  • Custom aluminum extrusions

Industries served