NIC Global

Manufacturing Solutions


Understanding your business needs fosters a productive partnership. Our job is to listen carefully and make sure you get exactly what you want.

Seamless coordination

Your primary contact at NIC is your Strategic Account Manager. This dedicated manufacturing expert is the focal point for all high-level communications—from estimating to logistics. If you have a challenge, you always know who to contact.

Launching new products

Whether you’re manufacturing a new product or a revised one, our proprietary NPI process sets everything in motion. Multiple functions happen concurrently to speed the new product to market.

Dynamic technology

Once in production, our ERP automatically integrates information from all systems to ensure delivery dates are met. We use ERP knowledge to continuously drive improvement.

Can we simplify the design to drive down costs? Can we automate more? Should we move the job overseas? Our mission is to be the best manufacturing solution for you.


ISO-9001-2008, UL, CSA, TS 16949, RoHS compliant

Barcode tracking

We use barcodes to accurately monitor supply sources, material costs, floor productivity, project status and more.

The more we know, the more we can make our processes streamlined and efficient.