Optimizing Design Integrity

We invite your engineers and designers to collaborate with our in-house engineering teams to align your product design with the latest production methods.

Using our DFM expertise, we assess the plans for your product to assure that it can be built successfully and efficiently.

For fully resolved designs, our role is to provide support so precision, quality and function are maximized during manufacturing.

From Concept To Reality

For start-ups requiring product engineering, our goal is to partner with you early in the development phase. We refine your design to your specifications while defining our processes for mass production.

Several pilot runs of five or ten parts are used to perfect the design and manufacturing steps — allowing you to see and touch your new product as it is refined.

Time Is Money

Once a product is in production, we continually strive to improve our processes and bring down your costs.

All product lines are reviewed regularly using Pareto analysis. We assess priority areas to create efficiencies as well as creatively look at new ways to innovate our manufacturing methods.

Testing To Ensure Success

When your product goes to market, it is judged on its quality and reliability. At NIC we implement the best testing strategies, tailored to meet your needs.

For some industries we perform qualification or verification runs. For others, we test the physical properties of our finishes.

Ultimately our goal is to launch your product swiftly, with no production errors.

Maintaining Six Sigma Quality

Every NIC facility has Six Sigma quality pros who investigate processes to find and eliminate variations—to remove defects in products and improve manufacturing and business processes.


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