Right Sourcing:
Meeting Your Changing Needs

One of the strategic advantages we bring you is a custom supply chain.

Working with your forecasts, we coordinate suppliers to meet your expectations. As your needs evolve, we re-align raw material and component lead times to ensure your products are continually delivered on schedule.


Manufacturing in North America and Asia both offer valuable benefits.

Our role is to proactively guide you in the best way to produce your complex products—with quality, integrity and consistency. The best choice may be one locale or the other. Or, perhaps, your products are refined in the US and moved overseas for full production.

Everyday Heros
You Can Count On Us

Everyone at NIC Global is poised to respond to special requests.

Being responsive and flexible are integral to our premium service approach. That’s why our customers rely on us to meet their challenges with innovative solutions, time and time again.

We take pride in delivering true customer service. With a spirit of team work and a can-do attitude, we’re ready to exceed your expectations.

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