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Manufacturing Solutions


Supporting Innovation

PACCAR, a global technology leader, builds commercial trucks. Its Kenworth brand features a Driver Information Center—a multiplex instrumentation dash with base plates custom manufactured by NIC Global.

Pick-to-Light System

Kenworth customers choose their instruments and dash layout, and NIC Global preps the base plates. With eight panels and three materials available, thousands of configurations are possible.

PACCAR sends its order data electronically to NIC daily. On the manufacturing floor, operators punch all eight plates for a truck kit, following pick-to-light color zones. A barcoded label with the truck vehicle identification number is added to each part, and the custom CNC-punched and formed plates are then kitted in production line order.

A Mistake-Proof Process

This unique application of pick-to-light manufacturing produces punched products with zero defects. The process has proven so efficient that NIC is working with PACCAR to develop a second pick-to-light program for rollout in 2011.