NIC Global

Manufacturing Solutions


Evolving Technology

Already the leader in self-serve coin counting, Coinstar upgraded its retail kiosks with an ingenious gift-card option. NIC Global produces the sophisticated turn-key units and ships them to the Coinstar warehouse.

Valuable Expertise

Leveraging its engineering knowledge and Six Sigma analytical skills, NIC Global launched the intricate magnetic gift card selection and charging device for these retail machines. Each unit is serialized and bar-code scanned prior to testing.

After loading the unit with Coinstar’s proprietary software, the unit undergoes a stringent performance test, executed electronically by NIC-designed test stations. Each unit’s performance success and errors are electronically captured and the data is maintained by serial number for future reference and compliance validation.

Serial Number Validation

Essentially the Coinstar machine is a computerized financial telecommunications device, responsible for either coin or gift card transactions. With its validated serial number system, Coinstar can readily pinpoint any problems in the field.