Philips Ultrasound Medical Cart

Long-Standing Partner

For over 30 years NIC Global has worked with Philips (and its acquired company ATL) to deliver premium-class ultrasound carts. NIC Global has a fastidious focus on product details and an ever-evolving approach to manufacturing.

Pull Production System

NIC Global produces two different cart configurations for Philips—with hundreds of components produced locally or sourced from low-cost centers around the world. The required carts are built to order daily and transported to the nearby Philips’ production line.

In 2009 NIC Global worked with Philips to develop a Two-Bin Build and Delivery System for the production of the ultrasound cart components. Using a Kanban model, the approach produces each component on demand to the takt time of Philips’ production line.


Producing ultrasound carts and components only when necessary reduces inventory levels, lead time, and floor space. Pull production creates a smoother production flow, therefore increasing productivity. The returnable Kanban bins eliminate the use of disposable packaging—resulting in savings for Philips and less landfill for the earth.

Intermec Bar Code Printer

Leading Change

Intermec is in the business of automated information and data capture (AIDC), and mobile computing systems. When the corporate decision was made to outsource the assembly of its bar code printer overseas, NIC Global—a longtime supplier of printer assemblies—helped support the transition.

Global Competitiveness

For Intermec to benefit from manufacturing in SE Asia, it needed more than cost advantages. For the mechanical components on its bar code printer, NIC Global oversaw product quality, logistics, and supply chain management.

The complex assembly of the printer includes precision metal stampings, injection molded plastics, aluminum extrusions and die castings. NIC’s attention to detail assured a successful launch and was integral to meeting Intermec’s quality standards. With project management in the US by NIC, components sourced out of China, and final assembly in Malysia, the manufacturing was truly “global.”

No Production Interruptions

NIC Global managed the component supply for the printer in Singapore with no issues or hitches. From Day One, the product’s high quality matched the requirements of Intermec.

PACCAR Dash Plates

Supporting Innovation

PACCAR, a global technology leader, builds commercial trucks. Its Kenworth brand features a Driver Information Center—a multiplex instrumentation dash with base plates custom manufactured by NIC Global.

Pick-to-Light System

Kenworth customers choose their instruments and dash layout, and NIC Global preps the base plates. With eight panels and three materials available, thousands of configurations are possible.

PACCAR sends its order data electronically to NIC daily. On the manufacturing floor, operators punch all eight plates for a truck kit, following pick-to-light color zones. A barcoded label with the truck vehicle identification number is added to each part, and the custom CNC-punched and formed plates are then kitted in production line order.

A Mistake-Proof Process

This unique application of pick-to-light manufacturing produces punched products with zero defects. The process has proven so efficient that NIC has since worked with PACCAR to implement many more similar systems.

Coinstar Card Charging Machine

Evolving Technology

Already the leader in self-serve coin counting, Coinstar upgraded its retail kiosks with an ingenious gift-card option. NIC Global produces the sophisticated turn-key units and ships them to the Coinstar warehouse.

Valuable Expertise

Leveraging its engineering knowledge and Six Sigma analytical skills, NIC Global launched the intricate magnetic gift card selection and charging device for these retail machines. Each unit is serialized and bar-code scanned prior to testing.

After loading the unit with Coinstar’s proprietary software, the unit undergoes a stringent performance test, executed electronically by NIC-designed test stations. Each unit’s performance success and errors are electronically captured and the data is maintained by serial number for future reference and compliance validation.

Serial Number Validation

Essentially the Coinstar machine is a computerized financial telecommunications device, responsible for either coin or gift card transactions. With its validated serial number system, Coinstar can readily pinpoint any problems in the field.